Client Testimonials

“When our business dropped due to the 9/11, it was beyond our imagination how well you were prepared with all the cash flow projections and how well you guided us through the cost cutting exercise. Your timely efforts in getting royalty reduction from Sir Speedy, getting us rent reduction, and implementing the cost cutting program, truly is the reason, we are in business today and are thriving."
- Franchise Operator
“It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Kumar Majmudar, CPA to any firm that requires services of a superior accountant. For our company, Mr. Majmudar is more than an accountant, his knowledge of all aspects of business financial management has made him the most trusted advisor.”
- Shipping Company
“During my 8 years of association with Mr. Majmudar, I have found his financial presentations to be well construed and accurate. In addition, I have recommended him without reservation to several of my clients in need of a good accountant who are also satisfied with his work.”
- Bonding Manager
“We would like to thank you and your staff for your dedication and commitment in keeping our company’s records in the highest standards. Also, our bonding company and our bank feel your certified financial statements are accurate and very well prepared.”
- Construction Contractor
“I would like to thank you for your recent effort and hard work in our negotiation for the acquisition and opening of our new company. Your financial report and guidance made our negotiations much easier with Fleet Bank and the Seller.”
- Manufacturing Company
“We would like to take this time to commend your hard work and efficiency for the audit with IRS. We feel that your commitment to our firm has excelled beyond our expectation.”
- Construction Contractor