Accounting Services

Accurate and up-to-date accounting is crucial in making the right business decisions. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do not realize the importance of proper accounting until its tax time. Businesses resort to last minute tax loopholes and maneuvering, which may not agree with their long-term goals.

Reliable accounting is the key to many questions that business owners ponder upon such as:

  • Should we continue with a product line? Is it profitable?
  • Should we go in for the joint venture?
  • Is it better to buy or lease equipment?
  • What are the tax implications on certain financial decisions?
  • What is the best pricing option of our products?
  • How do we evaluate job profitability?

We offer routine support services, to help you close your books, help with cut-off issues, prepare quality supporting work papers and provide oversight and consulting facilities. We can help you set up your books in any of the accounting methods such as accrual basis, cash basis, percentage of completion, completed contracts or hybrid methods.