CFO Services

Our “Outside CFO” services include many benefits and advantages that only large corporations enjoy, all at a fraction of the cost of having a Full Time CFO.

Staying cognizant

The modern world we live in is fast paced and in this age of information access to the right information is critical. Not having up-to-date accounting records is like making investment decisions today with last year’s stock charts!

You may end up making bad financial decisions without the appropriate financial information. There are times when given the correct information, business owners fail to understand how to make the numbers work for them. We can help you understand and use the information and the numbers to your advantage.

We offer total financial management on retainer basis so that it is economical, affordable and productive. We can generate financial reports that can function like a navigation system along a very complicated business highway. These reports can navigate your business in the right direction and can prevent you from making a wrong turn.

Reports such as operating and capital budget, cash flow projections, break-even analysis, ratio analysis, etc. are powerful tools in keeping your business afloat and healthy.