Buying or Selling a Business

Interested in buying, selling or merging with a business? Is it the right fit? Is the asking price fair? Are the two businesses compatible? How much additional working capital will be required to successfully run the new entity? We have answers to these and many other questions that you may have. We can help you with Business Valuation and negotiating the most advantageous terms, review tax benefits, capitalization and working capital issues. Our services include:

  • Business Valuation — what is the business worth?
  • Reviewing sellers’ books of accounts
  • Structuring a deal that is tax-wise
  • Arranging finances
  • Cash flow projections
  • Cost classifications for maximizing depreciation and so forth
  • Accessing pros and cons of buying or selling the business
  • Deciding on an exit strategy

We cover all the bases, before going to the experts to finalize the deal. You save time and money!