Feasibility Reports

Feasibility studies essentially look in to viability and profitability of the project, product line, new business, maybe an offshore office and so forth.

We help you decide whether the purchase price of the business or the project will be profitable or not. We do the necessary homework before you sign that contract.

Our customized reports will help you smoothly cruise through any of these turning points:

  • Whether to buy or lease the equipment
  • Feasibility of opening or continuing branch offices
  • Break-even level of the project–minimum level of activity requirement
  • Projects requiring significant capital outlay
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Viability of acquiring new business
  • Establish risk and reward of each product

It is a part and parcel of that essential business plan, setting goals and projecting working capital requirement.

A business can be profitable even on the last day; it is the cash flow that kills the business.